Profile Roll Forming

Do you need roll forming of pipes? At Pipetek A/S we have approx. 30 years of experience, and therefore we will be a solid and competent partner or supplier if you need roll forming. We have our own workshop, where we produce the tool in-house, and we are at the forefront of technological development in relation to efficient machines and techniques. According to this, we can perform high-quality piping and profile rolling so you achieve both solid, consistent and good results. We have great expertise in pipe bending and profile roll forming.

Here you can read more about:

  • How to achieve precise dimensions and dimensions of pipes
  • Our fast delivery on profile rolling and pipe bending
  • The many industries we deliver to

If you have special questions about profile rolling, or you need more information, please feel free to write to Then you can send your request with specific requirements for the tool.


Profile rolling gives the pipes the exact dimensions and thicknesses

Profile rolling is an obvious solution in many cases, contexts and industries. We carry out profiling of everything from simple to advanced tasks. Rolling is an obvious post-processing of pipes in different types of metal such as aluminum and steel. Curved pipes provide a better and cheaper result than welding, and in combination with rolling, you get high quality pipes that are perfectly customized. When rolling, the pipes are compressed and processed by a series of cylinders. This allows you to customize and fine-tune the pipes to get exactly the thickness and size that you as a customer individually need.


Profile rolling with prompt delivery

Do you want to avoid a long wait for your delivery of rolled pipes? Based on our advanced, efficient machines and tools as well as highly skilled workers, we can ensure a fast delivery when ordering a profile. We make sure to focus on the individual customer’s needs, which also limits unnecessary time wastes and errors. Once you have submitted a profile rolling request, we look at the task and provide a price estimate within a few days. Thus, you can solve the possible problem or repair a damage quickly. This allows you or your company to save money, as you do not have to wait for production to stand too long because of defective or missing pipes.


Profile rolling for a wide range of industries

Profile rolling gives the exact size and thickness of pipes that are needed in the individual situation. Therefore, we can also customize and deliver profile rolling to a wide range of industries, as we meet virtually all requirements and goals. In addition to the oil and wind turbine industry, we perform profile rolling in industries such as:

  • milking equipment
  • Tables and benches
  • Exhaust system
  • Extractors
  • Graphic plant
  • Processing Plants
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Industrial machinery
  • Food industry
  • Power Plant
  • Cooling systems
  • Construction

Send us your inquiry on profile rolling via our contact page and our experts will be ready to complete the task.