Bending of heavy-walled pipes

Are you looking for the bending of heavy-walled pipes, where you have a guarantee that the quality of work is assured? At Pipetek we have a well-functioning factory where quality and service are in top. We have been around since 1986 and have a great know-how. Therefore, today we are among the leaders in the market when it comes to delivery and pipe bending. At Pipetek we can handle the bending of heavy-walled pipes in both large and small radii, as well as in many different dimensions and in virtually all kinds of materials.

Here you can read more about:

  • How bent pipes provide a better finish than welded
  • The quality of our work and our tools

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Get a nice look with the bending of heavy-walled pipes

Do you want pipes with a nice finish? So let Pipetek deliver bent pipes to you. Bending of pipes gives a far nicer and better finish than by welding. Today it is becoming more common with pipe bending, as you use bent pipes for a wealth of products, and they are cheaper than traditional welded solutions.

Do you need to get your bent pipes after processed? We can now offer a wide range of refinish solutions, and we can provide a complete and finished product.

The right tool ensures you bend high-quality heavy-walled pipes

When it comes to bending of heavy-walled pipes, it’s essential to have the right tool to work with. At Pipetek we have a wide range of tools that fit a wide range of dimensions of pipes – both the round and the square. If, nevertheless, we do not have the exact tool for the respective dimensions and radios, we will quickly solve the challenge. We have our own tool department, and therefore we can efficiently produce our tools in-house.

We produce almost all our tools ourselves, which means we can guarentee for a high quality. In addition, we don´t have to wait for delayed deliveries when special orders for pipe bending arrive, but can meet your order quickly. At the same time, we can also help all our customers to repair or manufacture tools at our workshop. So get rid of an annoying barrage, if you would like to and can perform the pipework yourself.

Do you need other pipe bends or have questions?

Heavy-walled pipes have a thickness of more than 3 mm. We can of course also handle the thinning of thin pipes if you need it. If you have questions about pipe bending and our services, please send an email to You also have the option to call 30 94 00 84.