Bending of thin-walled pipes

Bending thin-walled pipes is a task that requires great expertise. Here at Pipetek A/S we have been specializing in pipe bending for more than 25 years in a variety of materials and dimensions. During the same period, we have built our own in-house workshop. Here we produce highly specialized quality bending tools that is tailored to our customers’ individual needs and wishes.

Today, we are known as one of the country’s leading suppliers of pipe bending and buffing tools. We work from the keywords quality, service and efficiency, while our philosophy is that nothing is impossible. A complicated task is possible, but may take a little longer. As a result of our great expertise, however, we can basically offer short delivery times and competitive prices for bending thin-walled pipes.

Here you can read more about:

  • How we specialize in bending thin-walled tubes with small radii
  • How we bend thin-walled pipes exactly according to individual wishes and needs

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Bending thin walled pipes for any need done with great expertise

Thin-walled pipes are characterized by having a small thickness of only 1 to 3 mm. In addition, this tube type has a relatively small diameter, typically between 25 and 160 mm. Bending thin-walled pipes for that reason is a task that requires high precision and, not least, the right equipment. Therefore, at Pipetek we have developed a special technique that ensures optimum results when bending thin-walled pipes.

We have a wide range of special bucket tools that allow us to bend both rectangular and square pipe profiles. In addition, we often produce customized solutions. Therefore, we offer bending of thin-walled pipes in both small and large series sizes as well as radii. Moreover, the curved thin-walled pipes will always have a nice finish, robust quality and a homogeneous look.

Prototype production ensures precise bending of thin-walled pipes

Here at Pipetek we perform bending of thin-walled pipes in almost all materials. We also offer different types of finishing. Whichever solution you choose, there are a lot of benefits that apply to if you choose a welded solution. We bend for thin-walled pipes that are both easier and easier to clean, and often also a more economical solution.

Before we can start bending thin-walled pipes for your business, we need a model or drawing of the subject. On this basis, we can produce a prototype as well as a fixture that can be used for all future orders. The bending of the pipes begins as soon as you have approved the prototype. However, you can get a price estimate just a few days after we have received your request.


Get professional guidance on bending thin-walled tubes with us

Are you considering investing in bending thin-walled pipes to match your wishes and needs perfectly or may you need guidance on which solution is best for you? Here at Pipetek we have a team of experienced specialists in the bending of thin-walled pipes ready to help.