Pipe machining

At Pipetek A/S we have extensive expertise in pipe machining. We perform pipework in almost all types of pipes such as metal pipes, steel pipes, aluminum pipes and stainless steel pipes of all sizes. We have highly trained staff, our own workshop and tools as well as machines of the highest quality and technological development. Therefore, we can deliver pipework in one of the highest grades on the market. We process and finish your pipes according to your needs and your order, and as we can produce the necessary tools we can accommodate almost all special orders and special targets.

Here you can read more about:

• Processes in pipe machining
• Our short delivery time for pipe machining
• How we can work from specific goals and to all industries

If you have any questions about pipe machining, or if you need more information, please feel free to write to info@pipetek.dk or call us at 30 94 00 84.


There are several processes in pipe machining

We can handle a wide range of pipework tasks. Processing or finishing pipes typically involves several processes. For example, we can start with an automatic mapping if there is a need for what we can do at all angles of the machine in our workshop. Pipe bending is another and very important part of pipe machining. We specialize in bending thin pipes as well as bending the heavy-walled pipes. After the pipe bending we can make a notch or lid with or without a mandrel. In the processes of pipe machining, flow drilling can be added to a thread hole where we form the thread.


Get pipework done with short delivery time

When you or your company has given us your order on either one of our prototype pipework or a special request, we usually send a price estimate to you within a few days. We have a highly developed machine park at our workshop, and with our efficient production methods we achieve very short delivery times. This is due, above all, to the fact that we have a skilled and trained staff, and that we focus on our customers’ needs. This allows you or your company to get your pipes reworked or bent, just as you need, quickly and efficiently.

Pipe machining after exact meassurements to a wealth of industries

Piping is relevant in a variety of contexts and industries. For example, we work with everything from dredging machines and exhaust pipes to tables and benches. We shorten, shape and bend the pipes after exact radii. If we do not have the tool for your order, if it requires anything other than the prototype radios, we can manufacture the required tool for your specific goals. Even if you have any special finishing requirements or need pipeworking for atypical applications, just contact us and we’ll find out the prices and give you a price estimate.