Bending matrices are one of the most important tools to ensure that no damage occurs to a pipe as a result of bending. By placing a bending die at both ends of the pipe as well as at the point where it is to be bent, it is thus possible to minimize the risk of tears, bending marks and similar damage. However, it is essential that the bending matrices have the right size and design if they are to function optimally. At Pipetek A / S, we have a large selection of bending matrices and other types of bending tools for pipes in a multitude of different designs and sizes. Our specialists often solve complicated tasks within pipe bending and other machining of pipes. That is why we have our own in-house workshop, where we can quickly and efficiently manufacture bending matrices to special measurements when a specific task requires it. Here on this page you can read more about:

  • How we ensure an optimal result using bending matrices and mandrels
  • How we develop unique solutions in tools for pipe bendin

Want to know more about bending matrices or other solutions in bending tools? So finally contact us for more information on buck matrices.

Bending matrices and mandrels are essential for optimal bending of pipes

Bent pipes are today used for a multitude of different purposes in an equally wide range of industries. This is because they are an economical and flexible alternative to welded solutions for series sizes of as little as five items. In addition, bent pipes have the overriding advantage that it is possible to create a nicer finish as well as a more homogeneous expression in the series regardless of the pipe.

To create the optimal result for any bending of pipes, we always use bending matrices and mandrels. However, it is the radius to be bent in as well as the pipe dimension that determines whether we use standard bending matrices and tools from our large selection, or whether we manufacture new ones for the individual project. Furthermore, we always adjust the mandrel as the wall thickness of the pipe changes.

Development and production of unique tool solutions for pipe bending

Here at Pipetek, it is your needs as a customer that are at the center. That is why we always work on the basis of a philosophy that no task is impossible to solve. And quality, efficiency and service illustrate are always in focus. When we receive a more complex request for bending pipes in a particular design or diameter, we always manufacture bending matrices that are tailored to the task.

Our expertise in pipe bending has been built up for more than 25 years in the industry. Today, we specialize in machining all kinds of pipe items in standard as well as customer-specified radii. In addition, over the years we have collaborated with several other companies in the development of innovative solutions within bending tools, all of which are characterized by their unique design.

Get more information about bending matrices and bending of pipes

Do you have a current need to have pipes processed for your company, and do you want to know more about the benefits of bent pipes? Or do you want to know more about our production of bending matrices and other pipe bending tools for individual needs? Here at Pipetek, we have a large team of experienced specialists who are ready to help. You can also see more on our overview of buck matrices below.

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