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Bending of pipes gives a nice result, which is cheaper than a welded solution. We perform bending and rolling of pipes, as well as repairing and producing bending tools.


With bendingmatrix adapted to the specific tube, injury during bending is avoided. We create optimal results by pipe bending using bendingmatrix and mandrel.


Do you need a new bending-tool or do you need to get your old one repaired? We manufacture bending-tools for special needs and radios, as well as perform repairs.


Looking for the best bending of boiler tubes? We specialize in bending of boiler tubes and almost all other pipes. We have high quality, fast delivery and low prices.


Do you need bending of heavy-walled pipes? We have our own workshop and quality tools, which ensure you the best bending of heavy-walled pipes. Look here!


We specialize in bending thin-walled pipes based on individual needs. With us, you get a flexible and economical solution with bending of thin-walled pipes.


Want performed roll forming of pipes? We perform roll forming and different pipe working for a variety of industries. Read more here and get quick delivery.


Do you or your company need pipework? We carry out your order fast and quality consciously. We also provide tools for pipe working. See more here.


Bending of pipes is an economical and flexible alternative to welded pipes. We provide pipe bending for all needs with a focus on quality, service and efficiency.


Often there are special requirements for an exhaust pipe in an industrial machine. We manufacture customized bent exhaust pipe to the industry at attractive prices.


Bending and rolling of pipes creates a nice and durable result. We carry out rolling of pipes of different sizes to a wealth of applications. Read more here.