Bending pipes in these years emerge as a popular alternative to traditional welded solutions. By pipe bending it is not only possible to reduce the cost of the purchase of pipes. If you implement the use of bent pipes in your company, it will in most cases be possible to get a tailor made solution with a smoother finish. In addition, bent pipes are easier to clean and weigh less.

Here at Pipetek A/S we have more than 25 years of experience with pipe bending in a wide variety of dimensions and materials. We take pride in providing a solution that perfectly matches our customer’s needs. Therefore, we specialize in pipe bending in the most efficient and economical way in both small, medium and large series. Quality, efficiency and service are keywords for us.

Here you can read more about:

  • Which industries and applications can be used with advantageous piped pipes
  • How we bend pipes to match your business needs perfectly

Want to know more about the benefits of pipe bending, or do you have an urgent need for pipe bending? Then give us a call at +45 30 94 00 84 or send an email to info@pipetek.dk.


Pipe bending is ideal for a wealth of industries and applications

Just a few years ago there was a widespread misunderstanding that bending of tubes in small series can often be disproportionately expensive. The fact, however, is that even if the need is just five series, it will be possible to secure a robust, homogeneous product at a competitive price through pipe bending. Therefore, bent pipes today are widely used in everything from the wind turbine and oil industry to food and agriculture.

Over the years, we have thus carried out piping to a host of applications such as:

  • Agricultural, construction and other industrial machinery
  • Cooling systems and exhaust and extractor systems
  • Process plants and power plants and milking plants


Get pipe bending tailored to your business

When you choose Pipetek as your pipe bending supplier, you are guaranteed that your bent pipes are produced based on your needs. We do not only have some of the country’s most talented specialists in pipe bending. In our own in-house tooling section, we also produce most of the bending tool we use. Thus we can meet even the most complicated needs.

Before we begin the actual bending of pipes, we manufacture a fixture based on a prototype. The prototype itself is based on a model or drawing that we receive from you or even produce in welding bends. Then the current pipe bending and later bending after this fixture occurs. That way we can ensure that the curved tubes match the conditions of your business perfectly.


Contact us for more information about pipe bending

At Pipetek we bend pipes in all dimensions and sizes, and we offer several options for finishing the curved pipes. If you need more information about bending, piping and production of bending tools, we are ready to help. Just contact us with your questions and one of our experts will be ready to help you.