Bending of boiler pipes

Do you need boiler tubes bending? At Pipetek A/S we are specialized in bending pipes, from boiler pipes to both heavy and thin-walled pipes. With our own workshop, we can customize high quality tools to meet your specific goals and requirements for pipe bending. Do you need tools to perform pipebending yourself? We are also the supplier of the advanced tool that pipe bending requires for own production. In addition, we also offer tooling solutions to other industry manufacturing companies within pipes and profiles.

Here you can read more about:

  • How we can deliver bent tubes of all sizes
  • The high level of education of our staff and good product quality
  • That we can deliver your order for bending boiler pipes quickly

If you have questions about bending of boiler pipes, or if you need more information, feel free to contact us.


Bending of boiler pipes of all sizes

Our advanced pipe bending technology enables us to make boiler pipes of any size and radius according to our customers’ wishes. If you need curved boiler pipes for a special task, we can solve the challenges for you. We bend steel pipes like boiler pipes besides pipes in a wide range of other materials.

Curved boiler pipes can be used for many purposes. For example, they are widely used in the plumbing industry and of course everywhere in the industry as refractory pipes for boilers and other hot instruments. Additionally, you also use bent boiler pipes for eg garden benches such as armrests / legs. So the applications are many.

High level around our bending of boiler pipes

At Pipetek, our staff is regularly upgraded, considering we have a high level of education that always keeps up with current and latest technological advances. We are as a company leading the industry in pipe bending and is often asked for advice by others when it comes to developing new machines. We have a workshop with highly developed machines and tools for the bending work. Therefore, we can supply bent boiler tubes in unsurpassed quality. At the same time, we would like to provide sparring and guidance in the field and join as a partner. For example, if you have your own smaller company / production.


Many years of experience and quick delivery by bending of boiler pipes

Pipetek was founded in 1986, and therefore we now have a great deal of experience and expertise to draw on in the bending of pipes. We have specialized in manufacturing pipes of all batch sizes in an efficient manner with low cost. In other words, we deliver fast and at low prices. When you have given us your prototype or a query based on special targets, you usually receive a price estimate of your order within a few days.