Exhaust pipes

In many industries, there may be a need for custom-made exhaust pipes for machines that do not have a standard engine size. This applies especially to machinery for use in agriculture, construction work and other heavy industries. In order for an exhaust pipe to function optimally, it is essential that it is properly designed and has the correct dimensions in relation to the size of the engine.

Here at Pipetek A/S, we have the expertise in piping to produce exhaust pipes that are custom-made to meet specific requirements. By bending the pipe instead of using welding, we can create a solution with many advantages. Curved exhaust pipes are often cheaper to produce. They also have a smoother finish, a lower weight and are more robust.

Here you can read more about:

  • How we can customize an exhaust pipe to suit your needs
  • Our position as one of the country’s leading suppliers of pipe bending and buffing tools

Do you need to produce one or more exhaust pipes tailored to a specific engine size? Then send us an email at info@pipetek.dk and hear more about the benefits of custom-made exhaust pipes.


Get bent exhaust pipes that match your needs perfectly

In the industry it is often necessary to get several exhaust pipes bent and machined at one time. Therefore, we always prepare a prototype and fixture based on your drawings or model before we get started. In this way, we can ensure that the entire series and future series get a homogeneous expression. This method also keeps prices low even on small series all the way down to five exhaust pipes.

As soon as you have approved the prototype, we will start production. During the actual bending and finishing of the new exhaust pipes for your company, we use an efficient method that ensures you an attractive price. We also have an experienced staff of specialists and use high quality bending tools. That’s why we can deliver exhaust pipes that match your needs perfectly.


Choose the leading company in Denmark for the production of exhaust pipes

Do you have special requirements for your new exhaust pipes? At Pipetek we have built up and strengthened our position as one of the country’s leading companies in pipe bending and machining of pipes over the last 25 years. Today we are running a company where quality, service and efficiency are paramount. We are also working on a conviction that no task is impossible. It can only take a little longer.

Here at Pipetek we do not only have the necessary expertise and the right equipment to perform bending and machining of all types of pipes. We also develop and construct a large number of bending tools used in production. In addition, we often supply custom-made bending tools to other companies. We have thus helped develop a variety of design-unique products.


Contact us for a price estimate on the production of new exhaust pipes

Do you have a current need for new exhaust pipes for one or more machines in your company, or just want to know more about your options? Then contact us and tell us about your needs. As a rule, we can usually provide a price estimate a few days after we have received a request or acceptance of the prototype.